Ever run out of things to say in the field?

So, have you been a liaison in the field for a while and you think “Geez, I have literally run out of stuff to talk about”? If so, you are not alone! Everyone goes through this from time to time. Never fear, we’re bringing you four tips to help you get back in the game. (The detailed video is at the bottom of this page.)

    1. Make something up!  🙂 – not like lying but create something that will get some buzz going.  Create a quarterly newsletter that includes new providers, spotlights on hospital departments, upcoming events and even a joke or a cartoon that they always look forward to seeing.  It’s a little work on the front end but it’s a guaranteed way to have something of value that you can hand deliver each time you go into the offices.  Everyone loves it – the front desk staff, referral coordinators, office managers and providers.
    2. Dive into data – You’ve heard us say it time and time again – “Let the data tell you a story”  You will always find something worth investigating. Then go talk to the department managers for surgery, cath lab, sleep lab, wound care and imaging.   Go visit the ED – make sure they’re in the know.  If you have a central scheduling department, go talk to them.  Ask if there is anyone they want to recognize or maybe an office that never has order forms or any helpful information to get you into the offices.
    3. Take a ride along – take someone with you to the offices.  This could be a new physician, your CEO, someone from scheduling, or one of the department managers.  It is always nice to put a face with a name.  Have you considered having office manager or referral coordinator meetings?  Do you know the excitement when two people that had talked on the phone (for potentially years) and had never met face to face got to actually meet?  It just takes their relationship to the next level.
    4. Stop talking!  – That’s right, stop talking and listen!  We are not always there to bark out a list of things to our offices.  We are there to find out how we can be their first choice by giving them the path of least resistance.  When you have established that trusted relationship with an office (by doing some of the things I have already mentioned) they will open up and tell you how you can help them.  Suggest they give you “ONE THING” to work on – and run with it – that will get the preverbal ball rolling!

So, there you have it – 4 tips to help you build long lasting relationships and bring value to your physician offices even when you thought there was nothing left to say.

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