Adapting to COVID-19 through Telehealth: How Physician Liaisons can help!

We’re being asked by liaisons from across the country, “what can I do to show value during this COVID-19 crisis?”  This week, I’d like to share a video from our friend and colleague, Deborah Scheetz. Deb is the Service Line Marketing Director at Dayton Children’s Hospital, where they have successfully gone toe-to-toe with the crisis by using Telehealth.

Even though Telehealth isn’t a new concept, sadly it hasn’t been widely accepted or used …until now.  During this crisis, Deb says, the Genie is out of the bottle” and virtual visits are the new norm. With more leniency around reimbursement, physicians and APPs are seeing a record numbers of virtual patient visits. Patients have not only embraced, but love the convenience and anxiety reducing benefits of the virtual face-to-face chats with their trusted providers.

So you may be thinking – yes, but how can I help? Listen as Deb explains how YOU as an outreach professional can show value. You may also be able to capture great patient stories to share, as well as gather and distribute best practices to providers who haven’t embraced the concept …yet!

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