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Same Tune – Different Words


“We’re all in sales, but only the brave ones admit it!” That’s one of my favorite Zig Ziglar quotes. I remember that quote (and smile) when I hear leaders and even liaisons say, “I’m not really in sales!” You might not “really” be in sales – but I promise we’re always “really” selling – even if it’s our ideas or concepts. Since not everyone is buying what we’re selling, we will face objections.  Three common objections from a different perspective. Recently a few health system leaders joined the business development team for a taste of “sales training.” As you can imagine the leaders were confused about why they were invited, because they certainly didn’t consider themselves “sales.” But as always happens, by the end they all joined the LAND OF THE BRAVE and not only admitted - but embraced - what a significant role sales plays in their position and life! The FUN part was when discussing overcoming objections – I asked them to do a musical exercise. Yes, they SANG and I videoed it for you to understand how to hear objections differently. You’ll recognize these songs - but I want to see if you can figure out [...]

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Part II – What To Do WHEN You Get That Coveted Senior Leadership Invitation


Last week one of our Regional Managers, Kim Grant promised an update on the liaison team at Dayton Children’s after they were invited to present their success story to the senior leadership team.  The meeting went exceptionally well.  Watch this week’s video (below) as Kim discusses three key strategies to their success as well as a few wins that couldn’t go unnoticed.  All areas that may also speak to you and your program! She’ll reference this same-day executive feedback following the presentation! Whether you are starting a brand-new program, refreshing an existing program or working on the onboarding /retention function at your organization – we can help! We would love to discuss and uncover the needs of your organization to ensure you and your program are positioned to get the attention of leadership - year over year. Give us a call today! 866-651-8701

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How To Get That Coveted Senior Leadership Invitation


Tiller-Hewitt has had a long-standing successful partnership with Dayton Children’s Hospital.  We launched their first Liaison program over 10 years ago.  With the success of the Liaison program, a few years later the organization reached out to Tiller-Hewitt related to new provider onboarding.  They were struggling with difficult subspecialty searches, slow ramp-up, retention issues and lack of internal collaboration between the liaisons and practice management.  Do any of these difficulties sound familiar? Like many of you, competition is fierce in this market!  They are sandwiched between two nationally recognized Children’s Medical Centers – both only about an hour on each side. We launched a formalized Physician Onboarding and Navigation Program.  It was a tremendous team effort and the results were off-the-charts!  Dayton Children’s has since recruited over “90” pediatric sub-specialists!  They have shown measurable improvement in all areas – and subsequently featured in a couple national publications! With so many new providers, new and expanded facilities, Dayton Children’s needed to re-evaluate their outreach (Liaison) program.  Again they turned to Tiller-Hewitt to assess and refresh their program.  The assessment recommendations were immediately implemented and the subsequent results [...]

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Shake it off!


Most of us have faced fakers, haters, players and heartbreakers. Some days we face all four – but that’s just life!  Unfortunately, it doesn’t always come easy to just ‘SHAKE IT OFF” and press forward. I promise that facing all types can actually make us better!  So, be encouraged, shake it off and just step it up!  When our focus remains on: then OUR role of Physician Liaison will always remain MISSION CRITICAL to our organization… in spite of the fakers, haters, players and heartbreakers! Shake - Shake - Shake, Tammy Tiller-Hewitt P. S. Fill out the form below for instant access to our 9 Tips to Make it 99% Easier to Get Past the Gatekeeper - webinar and tip sheet.

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Scrubbed Up and Ready to Grow!


When is the last time you “scrubbed up” - I mean wearing scrubs in your role as a superstar Physician Liaison? In this week’s Friday from the Field, superstar Beverley Fox-Bray puts herself back in training, shadowing in the operating room so she stays on-her-game when promoting their new surgical robot. As successful liaisons, we never “fake it ‘til we make it”. We spend countless hours mastering the details of our organizations and the services offered. Additionally, we should spend time educating and updating ourselves on our competitors too, in order to consistently identify competitive advantages, or in some cases, create talking points around why we don’t have the latest and greatest technology.

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Is your Physician Liaison program missing something? Survey says…


…it’s very likely! Two of the major (and concerning) findings in our Physician Liaison Value and Compensation Benchmark Survey indicate that there is big gap in the structure and accountability of many physician liaison programs: 43% have no call volume requirement 45% have no way to officially measure success If an outreach program lacks these vital components, it means that at least one of the three pillars of a strong program is on shaky ground. This week’s Friday from the Field video highlights the importance of having all three – Systems, Data and People – be equally strong and precisely aligned in order to build hospital and physician relationships that work. Which of your three pillars needs more support: Structure and strategic alignment? Timely and relevant data? Laser-focused, consultative sales training? The good news is that once you understand where support is needed, it can be addressed quickly and effectively. Learn more about the pillars of a successful Physician-Hospital Relations program and order a copy of our benchmark survey using the form below. Better together, Tammy

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Bringing Value with the Right Collaterals


With today’s technology, we all do more and more online. While that is great for some, it may not fit the needs of our referring providers. Remember one size doesn’t fit all. I’ve seen business lost after a liaison said “just go to our website.” It’s not that easy for offices! You never want to miss a referral because they don’t have the right referral information or tools at their finger-tips. In this week’s Friday From the Field video, Kim Grant, Regional Manager discusses delivering value through providing the right collaterals. She is literally going to share a set of collaterals we should consider keeping in paper form too. Not everyone has an EMR or one that is integrated with anyone. We want to always look for ways to provide the path of least resistance when it comes to sending business our way. Ask what they need and DON’T need – then deliver. Back to basics, Tammy

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Becoming a Trusted Advisor


As physician liaisons we strive to become trusted advisors to our physicians and APPs.  This is the ultimate level in solidifying long-lasting relationships. In this week’s Friday From the Field Video, I remind you that being a trusted advisor sometimes requires we step outside the scope of what our organization offers to find solutions. With that thought, I asked one of my trusted advisors Joe Allaria of Carson Allaria Wealth Management, to share a couple tips.  As you can see by his company name – it won’t be medical tips, but financial-wealth tips.  He shares the answers to two of the most common financially-related questions: “How do I become wealthy? and How do I stay wealthy?” While this won’t make us financial advisors – it will help us the next time our providers talk about financial related issues.  Perhaps these tips from Joe can help you be better positioned to respond, further demonstrating your value and commitment to each trusted advisor relationship. Let’s continue to broaden our arsenal of resources. Healthy, wealthy and wise, Tammy

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Are you green and growing?


Recently we had an awesome two-day onsite training event with a small team of Liaisons. In this week’s video, we would like to introduce you to four Liaisons as they share their take-away related to consultative sales. Our Make-it-Matter sales training workshop delivers a dynamic and highly interactive learning experience, laser-focused on building long-term relationships and results. Because we come onsite to your organization, we are able to customize the program to meet your organizational and team goals. Contact us – let’s discuss how using this two-day training course can empower your team to reach your organizational goals. Remember, we’re either green and growing or ripe and rotting!

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Celebrating Advanced Practice Providers


National Physician Assistant Week is October 6 – 12 National Nurse Practitioner Week is November 11-17       Take this time to celebrate ALL of your advanced practice providers. Put together something extra special this year to thank them and show your appreciation. The ideas are limitless!  Get creative and show them that you care! Here are a few examples: Omelet station or breakfast bar Goodie baskets 15-minute massages Umbrella, t-shirt or stadium blanket Decorated lounge area After-hours social Oscars awards – with staff nominating/voting Think about what you can do all year-round to keep APPs on your radar.  APPs are key decision makers, so build meaningful relationships with them and be sure they are always included in your outreach and communication efforts.  Another best practice is to include Advanced Practice Providers in your organization’s onboarding and retention program along with new physicians.  If you don’t have a formalized onboarding and retention program, or need help taking it to another level, give us a call.  We can help make a huge difference related to rapid ramp-up and long-term retention! Plan ahead for more health and “just for [...]

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