Case Studies and Program Assessments

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Case Studies and Program Assessments are how Tiller-Hewitt helps organizations succeed in physician engagement, alignment and growth strategies.  Please take a look at some of the results attained and contact us for additional information.

Program Assessment Snap Shots

Fast-facts and at-a-glance results demonstrate the scope and effectiveness of Tiller-Hewitt HealthCare Strategies’ laser-focused programs.

Program Assessment

Maximize Performance and Results

Liaisons Move the Needle for Hospitalist Programs Case Studies

Liaisons Move the Needle for Hospitalist Programs

Moving the Needle from Employed to Loyal

Moving the Needle from Employed to Loyal

Executing a National Outreach Strategy

Executing a National Outreach Strategy

Building Effective Dyad Teams

Building Effective Dyad Teams

Case Studies

Tiller-Hewitt’s Physician-Hospital Relations Program in action drives measurable results. Our case studies illustrate how our strategic operational and marketing solutions overcome barriers and lead to increased referrals, volume and revenue for hospitals and health systems.


Best-In-Class Onboarding Sparks Improved Retention and Performance

Tiller-Hewitt’s assessment resulted in a comprehensive onboarding program which sparked a dramatic turnaround and improvement in in recruitment, retention and value-based operational performance. Working with leadership, the hospitalists became a unified force, gaining engagement and respect from specialist physicians. ‘Slam dunk’ results followed close behind.  READ MORE

gadsden-regional-medical-center case studies

PHR Accelerates Multi-Hospital Network Integration and Growth

The PHR program delivered double digit incremental increases in the first year by significantly improving network communication and collaboration with physicians and their staffs. With committed and collaborative senior leaders, the largest hospital’s results exceeded Tiller-Hewitt’s already strong average growth benchmarks, and the PHR program continues to show measurable results. READ MORE

Dayton Children's Case Studies

onboardPLUS Improves Engagement, Productivity And Retention

Dayton Children’s implemented onboardPLUS and achieved measurable improvements within the first two years. Their astounding results, include: a reduction in credentialing time from 322 to 84 days, acceleration in getting physicians working at full productivity from 14 months to 5 months; and reduction in turnover from 11.6% to 2.7%. READ MORE

Transforming an In-House Liaison Pogram into a Growth Engine

Tiller-Hewitt’s program tripled the hospital’s physician referral base and generated measurable increases in referral activity. In conjunction with the Service Line Blitz, the PHR program included double-digit growth in imaging services. The PHR program team continues to exceed program goals for physician sales calls and new referrals from targeted physicians. READ MORE

Franklin Hospital Case Studies

Physician-Hospital Relations Program Produces Rapid Improvement and Sustainable Growth

Tiller-Hewitt’s Physician-Hospital Relations program increased the hospital’s incremental revenue by $1.9 million in the first year, a 39% increase. Over two years, market share grew from 31% to 44% (a 42% increase). This trajectory for growth positioned the hospital to develop new funding sources, recruit and retain quality providers, pursue profitable care delivery and diversify reimbursement sources. READ MORE


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