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Building the “Dream Team” – Why physician liaisons and population health managers should work together.


You’ve probably heard the terms population health, at risk and value-based care, but do you really know what they mean to you and your role? In this week’s Friday from the Field, I am speaking with Kim Vu, a population health manager and she provides us with key definitions we should understand.  Build your dream team to include the population health team – this is how you will continue to stay relevant. If you aren’t familiar with your organization’s population health strategies, what are you waiting for?

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Get Known – Why it’s Important for Physician Liaisons


Have you heard the saying, “It’s not who you know, but WHO KNOWS YOU”? Have you looked around lately - both inside and outside the organization - to gauge how well you’re known for the value you bring? Our value comes by the knowledge, can-do positive attitude and results we consistently bring to the game.As a Physician Liaison, if the only place we spend time is inside the organization and the provider offices – it is very difficult to earn the coveted status of trusted advisers! In fact, that leads to breathing your own exhaust. So how do we stay on top of trailblazing and innovative ideas, upcoming regulatory changes and over shifts in our ever-changing industry? By getting involved in higher-level professional associations. We're talking about associations made up of executives and other influences in your world.In this week’s Friday from the Field, two liaisons Erica Niemeyer and Veronica Brand both attended the American College of Healthcare Executives (ACHE) Chapter meeting on Diversity in Healthcare and Aligning Ethical Principles. It was so informative! Veronica participated on the Diversity in Healthcare panel – bringing in the work of [...]

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What’s the secret? Provider Satisfaction and Retention


Dr. Ray Foley is our special guest in this week's Friday From the Field video. Dr. Foley is both a practicing Gastroenterologist and the President of Penn Medicine - Lancaster Regional Health Physicians (LGHP), a 600+ provider medical group. Over the past few months, we have worked with LGHP to implement a robust Provider Onboarding & Navigation program. In this week's video, we have just wrapped up the launch of the mentorship program with 60 of their providers. Research shows when organizations have a provider onboarding program of one year, including a formal Mentorship Program, both retention and satisfaction increase. A mentorship program also supports organizational commitment to provider wellness. Watch the quick video to hear Dr. Foley's thoughts about the success of their Provider Onboarding initiative. We custom design gold-standard on-boarding and retention programs to meet specific organizational needs. Just as Dr. Foley mentions - LGHP had a Program they wanted to to take to next level, that's when they partnered with Tiller-Hewitt. How can we help you?  

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Year End Checklist


Keeping Yourself & Your Physician Liaison Program Effective – YEAR-IN-REVIEW By:  Tammy Tiller-Hewitt FACHE Before getting caught up in the holiday festivities, take time to conduct an effectiveness check-up of yourself and your Program. Here's a quick 10-point checklist: 1. Update your physician/provider target list to be in line with your organization’s strategic initiatives. 2. Evaluate the current metric system (aka referral data).  Ideally you need timely (monthly) and relevant (strategic service lines) referral data to monitor and quickly identify and respond to shifts in referrals. 3. Set up monthly debriefing meetings with your senior leader and or leadership team. 4. Get directors, from all strategic service lines, on your schedule to “routinely” get them away from their safety zones and into the field (riding with you and your team) to meet “face-to-face” with their key referral sources. 5. Get top executives, preferably members of the C-suite, on your schedule to meet with key physicians and physician groups to share the vision “face-to-face” with these partners. 6. Set up routine monthly meetings with your physician enterprise teams: i.e. the practice management and hospitalist [...]

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Everyone Loves a Great Card Trick


Happy Friday! If you follow us on social media, you know that we just wrapped up our 3-day Liaison Training workshop last week in St. Louis. It was an ah-mazing group of liaisons from around the country! We not only took a deep dive into the seven modules that WILL set you apart from the competition, but we also hung out and had fun touring the Anheuser-Busch brewery and seeing the acclaimed Clydesdales. Suffice to say liaisons know to work hard and play hard! During the workshop, we had the opportunity to share so many innovative and simple ideas. In this week’s Friday From the Field Video, Mindy Koenig Physician Relations Manager at Norman Regional Health System in the great state of Oklahoma shares two excellent “card tricks” to help YOU and YOUR PROVIDERS be memorable. We all know that our physician offices have a ton of “reps” walking through their doors every week, so how can you continue to elevate yourself and demonstrate your value? Let’s play cards! P.S.  Big news about our next Liaison Training Workshop will be coming soon – [...]

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Same Tune – Different Words


“We’re all in sales, but only the brave ones admit it!” That’s one of my favorite Zig Ziglar quotes. I remember that quote (and smile) when I hear leaders and even liaisons say, “I’m not really in sales!” You might not “really” be in sales – but I promise we’re always “really” selling – even if it’s our ideas or concepts. Since not everyone is buying what we’re selling, we will face objections.  Three common objections from a different perspective. Recently a few health system leaders joined the business development team for a taste of “sales training.” As you can imagine the leaders were confused about why they were invited, because they certainly didn’t consider themselves “sales.” But as always happens, by the end they all joined the LAND OF THE BRAVE and not only admitted - but embraced - what a significant role sales plays in their position and life! The FUN part was when discussing overcoming objections – I asked them to do a musical exercise. Yes, they SANG and I videoed it for you to understand how to hear objections differently. You’ll recognize these songs - but I want to see if you can figure out [...]

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It Takes a Village


I am sure you have heard the saying “it takes a village” to raise a child. Well, that saying also applies to onboarding new providers. We are excited to share this week’s Friday From the Field video featuring Julie LaFrance, Physician Liaison at Hospital Sisters Health System (HSHS). Tiller-Hewitt partnered with HSHS to refresh and relaunch their Outreach Program with a team of superstar Liaisons! Julie shares four pieces of their customized onboarding program that results in happy, successful and productive providers. We know those are key indicators for long-term retention! Even if you're from a small hospital – you can still have HUGE onboarding and retention success! As Julie explains, each part of her process is not done alone. She tells you all about incorporating “her village” to ensure the success with each provider. Do you need help with your onboarding program? Tiller-Hewitt's  onboardPLUS+ program delivers ten critical success factors that support improved recruitment, rapid practice ramp-up and long-term retention. Give us a call – we’d love to be a part of your village too.

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October ideas to connect with your physician offices!


Happy Fall everyone – my favorite season to “fall into perfection.”  It’s Pumpkin picking time! Or should I say pumpkin painting time? In this week’s Friday From the Field Video, Jamie Utt comes to you with some ideas to connect with your physician offices during the month of October. She shares ideas that we have collected over the past few years for Breast Cancer Awareness as well as other fun and creative ideas for you to mix it up in the field. Our subscribers get exclusive early access to our free calendars – at least a month BEFORE they are posted to social media. Don’t get left behind on your planning - click here to subscribe.

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Eat That Frog


How’s your time management? Do you find yourself with too many things on your list with not enough time to accomplish them? How about any procrastinators out there? In this week’s Friday From the Field Video, Nancy Herin, Liaison from Dayton Children’s Hospital references “Eat that Frog”. What on earth is she talking about? After being a liaison for four years Nancy was part of an on-site Make it Matter Workshop with Tiller-Hewitt. One of her biggest take-aways - that she still uses years later – was from the Make Time Matter module of the workshop. During this module, we dive into time management (eating frogs) and how YOU can manage your time better while maximizing the limited face time you get with providers. During these fun and intense workshops, we cover seven in-depth modules that are invaluable to EVERY liaison, brand-new and seasoned alike. Our next public Make it Matter Physician Liaison workshop is coming up in less than 3 weeks in St. Louis, October 8th-10th.  There’s still time to register! *Note – the price increases October 1st and groups of three or more from the [...]

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Ever run out of things to say in the field?


So, have you been a liaison in the field for a while and you think “Geez, I have literally run out of stuff to talk about”? If so, you are not alone! Everyone goes through this from time to time. Never fear, we’re bringing you four tips to help you get back in the game. (The detailed video is at the bottom of this page.) Make something up!  :-) – not like lying but create something that will get some buzz going.  Create a quarterly newsletter that includes new providers, spotlights on hospital departments, upcoming events and even a joke or a cartoon that they always look forward to seeing.  It’s a little work on the front end but it’s a guaranteed way to have something of value that you can hand deliver each time you go into the offices.  Everyone loves it – the front desk staff, referral coordinators, office managers and providers. Dive into data – You’ve heard us say it time and time again – “Let the data tell you a story”  You will always find something worth investigating. Then go [...]

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