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Tiller-Hewitt HealthCare Strategies is the industry leader in physician engagement, alignment and growth strategies. We work with healthcare organizations that want their leaders to consistently deliver strategic growth and measurable results.

We assess, design and execute high-performance physician liaison programs, provider referral networks, and provider onboarding and retention programs to achieve revenue and strategic market share growth in the value-based healthcare economy.

We have helped hundreds of hospitals, health systems, physician groups and population health organizations nationwide engage physicians for strategic growth. Contact us today!

Tiller-Hewitt HealthCare Strategies works hand-in-hand with physician liaisons. Physician liaisons are an extension of the leadership team who work in the field with providers & staff. Their goal is to improve utilization of the organization through direct selling, to drive strategic growth.

Measurable results begins quickly, after the trained liaison or outreach team begins calling on providers and their staff. While results vary across organizations, liaisons immediately begin uncovering needs and removing barriers to strategic growth.

But it is important to remember: not all business is good business!

That is why our programs provide a data driven, professionally trained team and strategic approach to ensure measurable strategic growth.

Our programs are proven – check out our client testimonials at https://tillerhewitt.com/testimonials/

All characteristics a great salesperson should possess, a physician liaison outreach is about a needs-based selling of solutions, efficiency and relationship building.

We promise, we’re not trying to trick you! There is absolutely no difference in a physician liaison outreach and sales outreach if both are done properly.

Learn more about our consulting services at https://tillerhewitt.com/thhs-services/.

Tiller-Hewitt Healthcare Strategies has delivered robust physician liaison, outreach and retention expertise to hundreds of hospitals, hospital systems, population health and physician organizations nationwide for more than 20 years.

We combine our vast bank of best practices, fresh thinking and data-driven insight to solve their unique growth challenges. In assessing an in-house program, we can objectively address access issues and other growth barriers, identify strategic priorities, provide professional training and hardwire the missing data, structure and systems needed for growth. We equip and coach the in-house team to hit home runs – even in the early innings – and re-establish lost credibility with providers.

In a short-term engagement, Tiller-Hewitt builds a strategic physician liaison program that sustains long-term measurable growth and retention of high performing, engaged providers.

Finding a physician liaison with the right skills, training and fit to excel can be a daunting challenge for most organizations. The good news: When partnering with us, we make it simple. Although your organization is responsible employing the physician liaison, we are there to take on the heavy lifting. We are in continuous collaboration with local leaders to identify and train up-and-comers from within – or coach newly hired liaisons – to become the super stars your program needs to generate high return on investment.

Tiller-Hewitt gives market exclusivity to our partner-clients in your geographic area. However, we have worked with over hundreds of hospitals, systems, physician groups and organizations nationwide. We deliver the added value of national best practice benchmarks to any organization.

Tiller-Hewitt HealthCare Strategies can always help supplement or refresh an organization’s current efforts.We design customized training programs that are implemented to meet the organization’s needs and goals.

Options include customized on-site training, public workshops or web-based training.

Yes, Tiller-Hewitt does assessments for small, one-liaison programs, up to multi-hospital health system programs. Deliverables include field assessments of current liaisons, an all-encompassing assessment of the current systems and structures around the physician liaison team and in-depth interviews with key internal and external stakeholders.  Based on the findings, Tiller-Hewitt will provide recommendations.

Many organizations strive for efficient time in the field, effective tracking systems and positive return on investment.

To solve all three challenges, Tiller-Hewitt offers TrackerPLUS, an affordable web-based tracking solution, built by and for physician liaisons. This system makes it easy to track referral and demographic data, as well as issue resolution.

Physician liaisons love it because it is user-friendly and keeps them in the field instead of in front of a computer! Organizations adopt it because it helps drive ROI for their program.

Absolutely and without a doubt, Tiller-Hewitt HealthCare Strategies loves helping physician groups grow their practices with strategic  referrals.

Let us help you address the often-neglected outreach efforts and start producing results quickly. With effective implementation, you can and stop referrals going the competitor, capture incremental volume and manage it for continued growth.

Tiller-Hewitt HealthCare Strategies delivers the most robust onboarding and navigation program in the industry for physicians and advanced practice providers.

Our year-long program includes a proven mentorship program, along with family and community integration. We will show you how to systematically monitor and manage these program components, which are mission-critical to long-term retention.


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