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Tiller-Hewitt is a national firm and industry leader specializing in physician liaison, relations and retention programs to hospital and health systems, physician and population health organizations.

Help us Help you!  Our goal is to assist organizations in achieving THEIR goals of strategic growth and alignment through physician engagement, alignment and retention.

They are an extension of the leadership team working in the field with providers and their staff to improve utilization of the organization through direct selling

Professionally trained Liaisons spend the majority of their time outside the organization working closing with providers and their staff.

Immediately.  We’ve seen leakage plugged the same day the Liaison calls on providers. Typically measurable volume shifts and utilization improvements begin within 90-days of the Liaison’s calling on providers and their staff.  Our focus and results measurement is based on the organizations strategic goals.

Nothing-  If done correctly!  The Liaison is about needs-based selling of solutions, efficiency and relationship building – all things a great salesperson in any industry does.

Unfortunately many in-house programs have learned as they go – losing credibility with providers because they lack structure and systems, data for driving initiatives and measuring outcomes and many times, the right people in the liaison role.

In a short team engagement, we build a strategic liaison program that sustains long term measurable growth and retention of high performing, engaged providers.

We bring 20-years of industry expertise.  We know what to do and just as importantly what not to do when building a robust physician liaison and retention program. This isn’t a program to fake-it-til-you-make-it.

Yes and NO.  Yes, we do the heavy lifting; however the hiring is in collaboration with the local leadership and culture and

No, the liaison is an employee of the organization and an extension of senior leadership.

We give market exclusivity to our partner-clients in your geographic area, however, we have worked with over 200 (?) hospitals, systems, physician groups, organizations nationwide.  That is the added value we bring to any organization – national best practice benchmarks!

Help us Help you!  Our goal is to assist organizations in achieving THEIR goals of strategic growth and alignment through physician engagement, alignment and retention.

Yes – we can come onsite, host public workshops or provide web-based training. We can customize a training program to meet your organizational needs.

Yes – we do assessments of small one-liaison programs to a multi-hospital health system program.  Deliverables include field assessments of current liaisons; all-encompassing assessment of current systems and structure around the liaison team; and in-depth interviews with key internal and external stakeholders.  THS will provide recommendations based on findings.

Tiller-Hewitt offers an affordable web-based tracking system solution called TrackerPLUS – built by and for Liaisons.  It can house referral and demographic data as well as issue resolution tracking.   Liaisons around the country love the system because it is a super user-friendly system that keeps Liaisons in the field instead of in front of a computer!

Yes!  Tiller-Hewitt is in the physician growth business.  Working with physician groups is our core business.

Tiller-Hewitt has the most robust onboarding and navigation program in the industry.  We help organizations make the shift from a recruitment culture to a retention culture by marrying the outreach (growth) efforts with long-term retention strategies – creating rapid ramp-up through long term retention.  Our program includes a proven mentorship program and a family and community integration component that ensures all critical retention areas are systematically monitored and managed.  Our success stories have been featured in many industry publications.


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