Physician Liaison | Sales Program Assessment

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Sales and Outreach Program Assessment | Maximize Performance and Results

Through successful partnerships with hundreds of healthcare organizations of all sizes nationwide, Tiller-Hewitt has developed the industry-leading process for assessing and implementing successful sales/outreach program programs.

While most healthcare organizations have some type of sales/outreach program in place, very few have the structure, data or resources required to maximize their potential for strategic referral and revenue growth, and leakage mitigation.

Which of these key-findings from our client assessments sound familiar?

  • Physician Liaison | Sales Program AssessmentLack of program structure or system for newly developed or growing outreach programs
  • Lack of resource allocation for training and continued professional growth
  • Inefficient customer and physician relationship management (CRM/PRM)
  • Lack of quality marketing collaterals and referral tools
  • Inability to measure program return on investment (ROI)
  • Inconsistent call volumes
  • Ineffective time and territory management
  • Transactional vs. consultative needs-based relationships (Brochure drop-off vs. VALUE added interactions)
  • Lack of leadership and medical staff engagement, support and accountability
  • Lack of internal collaboration and communication

Assessment Process

The assessment process is hands-on and differentiated by our experienced evaluation, focused on the following success indicators:

Physician Liaison | Sales Program Assessment

  • Systematic and structured approach for sustained strategic growth
  • Leadership and medical staff engagement, support and accountability
  • Internal collaboration and communication
  • Professional, best-practice training resources
  • Outreach team competencies: Interviewing and shadowing liaisons in the field
  • Quality marketing collaterals and referral tools
  • Effective referral data availability and utilization
  • Efficient and effective CRM/PRM
  • Quality and quantity of call volumes
  • Effective new provider outreach
  • Development of consultative needs-based selling relationships

Deliverables / Results

Upon completion of the current state assessment, and with consideration of national best practices, Tiller-Hewitt will recommend a focused, data-driven program that is structured to achieve measurable outcomes for a stronger ROI. Recommendations will include but not be limited to the following:

  • Outreach program system and structure
  • Manpower needs assessment and team complement recommendation
  • Call cycle / cadence
  • Territory management
  • Division of labor; team roles and responsibilities
  • Internal collaboration and communication plan
  • Outreach Team training and education plan
  • Provider referral data availability and utilization analysis
  • Data and market intelligence reporting to leadership
  • CRM workflow for improved ROI
  • Roles related new provider onboarding and navigation for rapid ramp-up and long-term retention

Download our Sales Program Assessment information sheet for complete details.

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