Planning a Road to COVID Relaunch & Recovery

In implementing our Post-COVID Relaunch & Recovery Readiness Checklist, we continue working with healthcare leaders and outreach professionals across the country. Once again, we are reminded why there is no other industry we’d rather be in than healthcare!

We’ve heard heartwarming stories of generosity and heartbreaking stories of jobs lost. Every role is being scrutinized and evaluated, including the C-suite and employed physicians. For those liaisons who have lost their job – we are sincerely sorry and prayerful for new and better opportunities.

The reality is, we’ve planned for disasters, but not pandemics. Every leader and every organization is dealing with this crisis so differently, because a pandemic is unchartered waters.

With that being said – if you missed the COVID-19 Relaunch & Recovery Readiness webinar – download a recorded version and listen for ways you and your organization can start preparing for the recovery phase.

A recovery plan should always include the outreach team sitting at the table and at the core of the planning and execution phases. Go through the checklist – then start calling people, scheduling meetings, and collaborating.



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