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Making the Marriage Between Liaisons and Marketing WORK!


Mark your calendars for September 6th to hear first-hand experience from the dream team at Dayton Children’s Hospital! We are so proud of two Tiller-Hewitt trained ladies from Dayton Children's Hospital. Deb Scheetz and Nancy Herin recently presented “Making the Marriage Work”  discussing the working relationship between marketing and liaisons to help drive ROI for their organization at the 2019 National AAPL conference in Salt Lake City. Using a recent neurology campaign as their case-study, the “TwoSum” give you details on how their departments successfully work with each other, hospital specialists and leadership. Nancy also described her role as an Employed Provider Liaison or “internal” liaison at Dayton Children’s to support key physician relations areas including: onboarding of new providers, retention and leakage mitigation. Since the national presentation, there has been an outpouring of questions from attendees. We hear you loud and clear … you want to know MORE!   As a follow-up, AAPL is hosting a free webinar with Nancy, Deb and Kim Grant, their Tiller-Hewitt Regional Manager on Friday, September 6th at Noon. The three will present "Making the Marriage Work" and give you an open mic for a LIVE [...]

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Are You a Sleep Walker?


Tammy Tiller-Hewitt recently helped produce a Women’s Conference and one of the speakers said something that really resonated with her. She said, “I was sleep-walking through life.”  BAM – mic drop! As someone whose dream is to lead millions to discover what they’re made for – their WHY, hearing that was a major AH-HA moment for Tammy.  It’s a great description of why many of us are missing our real purpose as we go through the motions of life. The thing about motion is it doesn’t have one speed or even speed limits.  Maybe for some of us we’re sleep-running, even sprinting through life.  What about you? Meet Tammy in Salt Lake City for the 2019 AAPL Conference where she'll share “Discovering Your WHY” and why you were made for so much more!  

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How would you score your time management skills?


How would you score your time management skills?  Are you a time management dominator, or world-class procrastinator? Regardless of where you fall, year after year we're asked, expected, or feel like we have to accomplish more and more to be “successful” or perhaps trying to keep up with the Jones. What remains the great equalizer is everyone gets the same 24 hours each day,  no more – no less!  Why is that enough for some and NOT EVEN CLOSE for others? GOOD NEWS & BAD NEWS Bad news – there is never enough time to do everything! Good news – there is always enough time to do the important things! MAKING TIME MATTER is largely dependent upon how intentional we are in taking ownership of our time.  Fact is, when we say YES to one thing, we're saying NO to another.  Our no’s often come at the cost of missing something important. Let’s reclaim some time and prepare for our best year EVER! Join us:  I’m going to dive deeper into Making Time Matter on a free webinar for the American Association of [...]

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