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Part II – What To Do WHEN You Get That Coveted Senior Leadership Invitation


Last week one of our Regional Managers, Kim Grant promised an update on the liaison team at Dayton Children’s after they were invited to present their success story to the senior leadership team.  The meeting went exceptionally well.  Watch this week’s video (below) as Kim discusses three key strategies to their success as well as a few wins that couldn’t go unnoticed.  All areas that may also speak to you and your program! She’ll reference this same-day executive feedback following the presentation! Whether you are starting a brand-new program, refreshing an existing program or working on the onboarding /retention function at your organization – we can help! We would love to discuss and uncover the needs of your organization to ensure you and your program are positioned to get the attention of leadership - year over year. Give us a call today! 866-651-8701

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Shake it off!


Most of us have faced fakers, haters, players and heartbreakers. Some days we face all four – but that’s just life!  Unfortunately, it doesn’t always come easy to just ‘SHAKE IT OFF” and press forward. I promise that facing all types can actually make us better!  So, be encouraged, shake it off and just step it up!  When our focus remains on: then OUR role of Physician Liaison will always remain MISSION CRITICAL to our organization… in spite of the fakers, haters, players and heartbreakers! Shake - Shake - Shake, Tammy Tiller-Hewitt P. S. Fill out the form below for instant access to our 9 Tips to Make it 99% Easier to Get Past the Gatekeeper - webinar and tip sheet.

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Onboarding is NOT Orientation!


In this week's Friday From the Field video, Tammy Tiller-Hewitt and Kim Grant come to you from the field where they led a group of over 100 providers, managers and leaders in a multi-day provider onboarding lean event. When we ask leaders if they have a provider onboarding program, we often hear “Yes of course.”  When we ask how long and hear the standard “a couple days to a couple weeks” -  We are here to tell you that is NOT an onboarding program – that is orientation!  Confusing the two can literally be a multi-million dollar mistake. During our onsite events we take a deep dive into processes, bringing in people from multiple departments and disciplines to identify ways to lean or remove steps in the process, ultimately making it easier for the provider and their families to integrate into the community and organization, while ramping-up for long-term retention. Take a listen at the number of action items that were discovered during this event - spoiler alert – the number might shock you!  Even if it was triple, the most important take away is [...]

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Did we miss you at the AAPL conference?


The Tiller-Hewitt team just returned from a fantastic conference hosted by the American Association of Physician Liaisons at the Gaylord National Resort in Maryland.  As we interacted with hundreds of liaisons from around the country (and hopefully YOU), it remained clear that our roles as liaisons are vital for success and continued growth of the practices, hospitals and healthcare organizations we represent. With that said, it never ceases to amaze us how many liaisons we encounter that have not been given the tools necessary to succeed, often simply because their organizations aren't aware of what it takes to make a program successful.  As you know, simply having a liaison calling on providers is not enough in today's competitive markets, we must do much more! In this week’s Friday From the Video (below), our COO Tommy Tiller shares three principles that every best practice outreach program should be built around.  Systems, Data and People. Successful physician outreach programs -  that’s our core business.  We specialize in launching new outreach programs as well as assessing existing programs.  Having served hundreds of practices, hospitals and health systems [...]

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Are You on Track to Meet Your 2018 Goals?


As Tammy Tiller-Hewitt was taking some time to relax last week, it hit her that 2018 is almost HALF OVER.  Wow….  As she reflects on the first half of the year, she's thinking about the things she has accomplished this year and the goals that are waiting for her to complete. How are your 2018 goals?  Have they received adequate attention?  If not, it’s not too late, jump in and give the second half of 2018 your all to successfully complete your goals. At Tiller-Hewitt, we are goal driven.  Without goals, months and years fly by and we miss so many successful opportunities! Watch this week’s Friday From the Field video (below) as Tammy shares how we decide the number of goals to manage.  For a more in-depth blog discussing goals and to download our free goals template, check out If you Aim at Nothing, You’ll Hit it Every Time. We hope you take some time off to relax and reflect this year!      

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Finding Ways to Differentiate Yourself From Other Sales Reps


One of our friendly Friday From the Field followers, Heather, submitted this week’s Friday From the Field Video on how she makes her physician office visits meaningful and ensures that she is never “just another sales call” to new practices.   Heather is the Senior Physician Relations Management Liaison at a large hospital in the sunshine state of Florida. During her quick video, Heather highlights so many of the things we stress every day with our liaisons in the field.  Timely and accurate data, getting past the gatekeeper, bringing value every time, and adding a personal touch while doing it all.   Heather is uncovering her “customers” needs before they even know they have one, the very definition of consultative sales. How are your sales skills?  We often hear liaisons try to talk themselves out of being in “sales”, like it’s some sort of dirty word.   Like it or not, liaisons ARE in the business of selling.  But, just as Heather pointed out, we don’t have to be viewed as “just another sales call” from our customers, because we are anything but!  Empower yourself and sharpen [...]

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Paying Attention to the SMALL STUFF


Wins come in all shapes and sizes.  In today’s fast paced, instant gratification world, we too often focus on the BIG wins that are few and far between.  In reality, small wins can happen every single day, providing benefits just as significant.  In continuing our Physician Liaison Insider mini-series Friday From the Field Video, Beverley – a superstar liaison from Hattiesburg, Mississippi, shares her story of how a small win helped demonstrate her value early in her liaison career. Beverley also mentions our go-to phrase, to be the “path of least resistance.”  I am sure you have heard that phrase thrown around, but have you really dug-in lately to ensure that your physicians and offices have “the path of least resistance” with your organization?  Beverley’s story might help! For a quick refresher on digging a little deeper for wins of all sizes, check out one of our past blog posts: Getting Physicians to Choose You.  You’ll find seven quick steps on generating more physician referrals by ensuring that “path of least resistance”. We hope everyone is enjoying our #PhysicianLiaisonInsider mini-series.  We strive to make it [...]

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Don’t Kill Your Credibility with Physicians


In this week’s Friday From the Field, Tammy Tiller-Hewitt reminds us to protect our credibility with physicians. After shadowing liaisons in the field, she is often reminded of the sitcom from years ago that was hosted by Art Linkletter, “Kids Say the Darndest Things.” It was funny, sweet, candid and well... sometimes horrifying. Someday we may start one called “Liaisons Say the Darndest Things”. Watch the video below and then check out the blog for tips to ensure you aren’t killing your credibility with physicians and their staff.  

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Webinar: Tackle the Year’s Top Ten Challenges


Webinar: Ready to Tackle the Year's Top Ten Challenges? Wednesday, January 10, 2018 12:00 noon - 1:00 pm EST Join us in starting 2018 with fresh ideas to tackle our toughest challenges.  This engaging, roundtable webinar provides insights and usable solutions to important challenges submitted by you and your peers.  The webinar is a chance to contribute to, and therefore benefit from, the experience and creativity of physician liaisons running programs all across the country. Don’t miss the opportunity to submit your toughest challenges from the field, with gatekeepers/practice management, or even with your leadership team. Submit your biggest challenge. Mark your calendars and register for this webinar today.   Our team thrives on speaking on-site and during webinars to get outreach professionals excited and engaged with their colleagues to make everyone more successful!  If you are interested in having our team speak at your next event, fill out the form below.      

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Tame the Gorilla (Video)


Physician Liaisons - What's in Your Budget? Planning a year ahead can be an overwhelming (and daunting) task. Don't get overwhelmed. COO Thomas Tiller II, Tiller-Hewitt HealthCare Strategies, shares five ways to attack the dreaded budget in his video and blog, "Physician Liaisons vs. The Annual Budget: Tame the 800 Pound Gorilla." Don't Forget Tools and Training Be sure to leave room in your budget for two must-have and very affordable resources designed specifically for business development, physician liaison and provider outreach professionals: trackerPLUS - the PRM created for liaisons by liaisons to make the worst part of your job (tracking) better! Make it Matter learning events - Attend our public workshop, bring us into your facility or arrange virtual training!  

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