Be Generous with Your Business Cards


You’ve probably seen someone out and thought “hey, I know them” - right before the shock set in that you can’t remember their name. Awkward! In this week’s Friday from the Field, Jamie Utt discusses the value of our business cards. I know we’re all legends – but be a humble legend by remembering that our offices see so many people every day that we cannot expect them to instantaneously remember us or our organization – even if they do a good job faking it!  That’s why Jamie reminds us to always be fast and generous with our business cards. At Tiller-Hewitt, our rule of thumb is that unless the person shouts your name, before you have time to give them your card, HAND IT OVER! This prevents awkward moments and guarantees their focus is on your message and not on trying to remember your name and organization!

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Everyone Loves a Great Card Trick


Happy Friday! If you follow us on social media, you know that we just wrapped up our 3-day Liaison Training workshop last week in St. Louis. It was an ah-mazing group of liaisons from around the country! We not only took a deep dive into the seven modules that WILL set you apart from the competition, but we also hung out and had fun touring the Anheuser-Busch brewery and seeing the acclaimed Clydesdales. Suffice to say liaisons know to work hard and play hard! During the workshop, we had the opportunity to share so many innovative and simple ideas. In this week’s Friday From the Field Video, Mindy Koenig Physician Relations Manager at Norman Regional Health System in the great state of Oklahoma shares two excellent “card tricks” to help YOU and YOUR PROVIDERS be memorable. We all know that our physician offices have a ton of “reps” walking through their doors every week, so how can you continue to elevate yourself and demonstrate your value? Let’s play cards! P.S.  Big news about our next Liaison Training Workshop will be coming soon – [...]

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It Takes a Village


I am sure you have heard the saying “it takes a village” to raise a child. Well, that saying also applies to onboarding new providers. We are excited to share this week’s Friday From the Field video featuring Julie LaFrance, Physician Liaison at Hospital Sisters Health System (HSHS). Tiller-Hewitt partnered with HSHS to refresh and relaunch their Outreach Program with a team of superstar Liaisons! Julie shares four pieces of their customized onboarding program that results in happy, successful and productive providers. We know those are key indicators for long-term retention! Even if you're from a small hospital – you can still have HUGE onboarding and retention success! As Julie explains, each part of her process is not done alone. She tells you all about incorporating “her village” to ensure the success with each provider. Do you need help with your onboarding program? Tiller-Hewitt's  onboardPLUS+ program delivers ten critical success factors that support improved recruitment, rapid practice ramp-up and long-term retention. Give us a call – we’d love to be a part of your village too.

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Invest in yourself, be trained by Tiller-Hewitt!


We are so excited that our next public 3-day liaison training workshop is right around the corner! If you’ve been on the fence about coming...go ahead, jump in and invest in YOURSELF. Hit the link and register today. You will not regret it, in fact, we guarantee it! We'll have 3-days jam-packed with everything that matters to your position as a physician liaison or outreach professional. In this week's Friday From the Field video video above, Kim Grant attributes her success to having been trained by Tiller-Hewitt HealthCare Strategies after she made the move to healthcare from sports marketing.  She believes in the training so much that she decided to join the Tiller-Hewitt team after working 7 years at a Children's hospital. "Invest in yourself, be trained by Tiller-Hewitt."  - Kim Grant, MBA Don’t miss our standard registration fee – it goes up after March 29th. Save your seat now!  See you there!    

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