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Women’s Medicine: Are Healthcare Leaders Ready to Look, Listen and Act?


By Cameron McGregor, MSN, RN, FACHE Chief Strategy Officer, Ms.Medicine Welcome to our guest author, an accomplished healthcare leader and Tiller-Hewitt HealthCare Liaison Legend. Cameron and Tammy Tiller-Hewitt started working together early in Cameron’s career as a liaison at Mercy Health. Their relationship continued as Cameron progressed through leadership roles at Premier Health and beyond. Tammy and her team have successfully executed strategic growth programs at Premier and hundreds of healthcare organizations like them. Cameron and Tammy are frequently featured at national forums on strategic growth and leadership development. We salute Cameron’s commitment to the transformation of women’s health. We have reached an inflection point in women’s medicine and healthcare – it is now central to the cultural dialogue. But change isn’t just about listening and talking. It’s about acting. That’s why we started Ms.Medicine. Ms.Medicine is not your ordinary company. We do not intend to become one. We are elevating the standard of care for women by leveraging an elite network of women's health providers across the country who practice evidence-based care. Not cash based procedures. Not aesthetics. Not medical spas. Those things [...]

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COVID-19 Relaunch and Recovery: You Have Questions, We Have Answers


COVID-19 Relaunch and Recovery: You Have Questions, We Have Answers Hundreds of healthcare leaders and liaisons joined the recent COVID-19 Relaunch and Recovery Plan webinar hosted by Tiller-Hewitt HealthCare Strategies. Together, we walked through a checklist of 10 questions that are critical to evaluating their organization’s readiness to accommodate the return of elective surgeries, procedures and other deferred care. Questions from attendees reflected concerns that many are experiencing, so we are offering a brief question and answer. Please reach out to us with your questions and ideas on how your organization is addressing these issues. We are offering a complimentary strategy call with leadership teams who want to assess their readiness for living in the reality of COVID-19 for the foreseeable future. Whether operating in an urgent care, clinic or hospital setting, most patients are fearful about the safety of entering your facility. They need confidence that your organization is safe. But, don’t assume you understand the full nature of the “fear factor.” Before you build marketing and communication plans, take the pulse of patients, staff and physicians with a simple [...]

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Planning a Road to COVID Relaunch & Recovery


In implementing our Post-COVID Relaunch & Recovery Readiness Checklist, we continue working with healthcare leaders and outreach professionals across the country. Once again, we are reminded why there is no other industry we’d rather be in than healthcare! We’ve heard heartwarming stories of generosity and heartbreaking stories of jobs lost. Every role is being scrutinized and evaluated, including the C-suite and employed physicians. For those liaisons who have lost their job – we are sincerely sorry and prayerful for new and better opportunities. The reality is, we’ve planned for disasters, but not pandemics. Every leader and every organization is dealing with this crisis so differently, because a pandemic is unchartered waters. With that being said – if you missed the COVID-19 Relaunch & Recovery Readiness webinar – download a recorded version and listen for ways you and your organization can start preparing for the recovery phase. A recovery plan should always include the outreach team sitting at the table and at the core of the planning and execution phases. Go through the checklist – then start calling people, scheduling meetings, and collaborating.   https://youtu.be/gtqEyFCD304 [...]

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Physician Liaisons – Your Relaunch & Recovery Plan


During COVID-19, where should we focus our efforts?  Should we focus on the now, on the later, or both?  Whatever the answer, then how can we plan to be more effective and value-added than ever before? This week we’re allowing you to jump in briefly to our weekly leadership round table discussion, as we discuss what we’re seeing with our physician liaison teams and organizations around the country, along with our recommendations on how to prepare a relaunch and recovery plan. Check out the full roundtable discussion. Also, check out the new blog from our COO and thought-leader Tommy Tiller.  He brings super relevant and implementable concepts. https://youtu.be/t3DQIZzBI3o

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Physician Liaisons: How to Remain Essential & Deliver Value During COVID-19


By Thomas Tiller II, COO By now most physician liaisons have been pulled out of the field, and your organization is in full “COVID Crisis” mode. With new and unforeseen challenges emerging daily, you may have very little time to pursue your 2020 Strategic Plan or the growth strategies you’ve worked so hard to build and started implementing this year. To be sure, the pandemic has redefined what makes the role of a physician liaison essential. Through nearly two decades in the business of developing and executing growth strategies for healthcare organizations, our team at Tiller-Hewitt HealthCare Strategies understands that you may be feeling defeated right now. What we are experiencing is likely a once-in-a- lifetime crisis that will shift the paradigm completely. To quote author Joel Barker, “When a paradigm shifts, everything goes back to zero, your past successes mean nothing.” As ominous as that may sound, I encourage you to stay positive, as I am certain that this paradigm shift will create substantial growth opportunities later this year and beyond. In the coming weeks, we will be sharing practical things you [...]

Physician Liaisons: How to Remain Essential & Deliver Value During COVID-19 2020-04-08T12:03:17+00:00

Myth Busting: Onboarding Is Not Orientation!


When we ask leaders if they have a provider onboarding program, we often hear “Yes, of course.” Then, we ask how long and hear the standard “A couple days to a couple months.” We are here to tell you that is NOT an onboarding program – that is orientation! Confusing the two can literally be a multi-million dollar mistake. Instead, imagine building a gold-standard physician onboarding system within your hospital with the power to: Cut credentialing time by two-thirds Accelerate ramp-up to full productivity by nine months Lower turnover by 75% Improve culture and satisfaction Underinvesting Is a Common Cause of Costly Turnover Given the potential impact on revenue, it’s important to know how effective onboarding can build your bottom line. But, first let’s start where most organizations are today. Many hospitals operate under the false assumption that “orientation” is the same as “onboarding.” If that sounds like you – you are not alone. The majority (88%) of organizations said they have an onboarding program, but only 33% have a formalized structure or committee, according to the American Medical Group Association. Yet, underinvesting in physician and [...]

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Let’s change things up a bit!


As liaisons, we often feel as though we are a generalist, talking about anything and everything regarding our hospital or facility.  In this week's Friday From the Field video, Tammy Tiller-Hewitt shares some ideas to help you change it up a bit. Ideas to help give you that laser focus that your position needs. Without exception - every time our liaisons implement the ideas in this video, there is a substantial uptick in that area of business.  Take a look and let us know your thoughts.  

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What’s the secret? Provider Satisfaction and Retention


Dr. Ray Foley is our special guest in this week's Friday From the Field video. Dr. Foley is both a practicing Gastroenterologist and the President of Penn Medicine - Lancaster Regional Health Physicians (LGHP), a 600+ provider medical group. Over the past few months, we have worked with LGHP to implement a robust Provider Onboarding & Navigation program. In this week's video, we have just wrapped up the launch of the mentorship program with 60 of their providers. Research shows when organizations have a provider onboarding program of one year, including a formal Mentorship Program, both retention and satisfaction increase. A mentorship program also supports organizational commitment to provider wellness. Watch the quick video to hear Dr. Foley's thoughts about the success of their Provider Onboarding initiative. We custom design gold-standard on-boarding and retention programs to meet specific organizational needs. Just as Dr. Foley mentions - LGHP had a Program they wanted to to take to next level, that's when they partnered with Tiller-Hewitt. How can we help you?  

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Same Tune – Different Words


“We’re all in sales, but only the brave ones admit it!” That’s one of my favorite Zig Ziglar quotes. I remember that quote (and smile) when I hear leaders and even liaisons say, “I’m not really in sales!” You might not “really” be in sales – but I promise we’re always “really” selling – even if it’s our ideas or concepts. Since not everyone is buying what we’re selling, we will face objections.  Three common objections from a different perspective. Recently a few health system leaders joined the business development team for a taste of “sales training.” As you can imagine the leaders were confused about why they were invited, because they certainly didn’t consider themselves “sales.” But as always happens, by the end they all joined the LAND OF THE BRAVE and not only admitted - but embraced - what a significant role sales plays in their position and life! The FUN part was when discussing overcoming objections – I asked them to do a musical exercise. Yes, they SANG and I videoed it for you to understand how to hear objections differently. You’ll recognize these songs - but I want to see if you can figure out [...]

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Eat That Frog


How’s your time management? Do you find yourself with too many things on your list with not enough time to accomplish them? How about any procrastinators out there? In this week’s Friday From the Field Video, Nancy Herin, Liaison from Dayton Children’s Hospital references “Eat that Frog”. What on earth is she talking about? After being a liaison for four years Nancy was part of an on-site Make it Matter Workshop with Tiller-Hewitt. One of her biggest take-aways - that she still uses years later – was from the Make Time Matter module of the workshop. During this module, we dive into time management (eating frogs) and how YOU can manage your time better while maximizing the limited face time you get with providers. During these fun and intense workshops, we cover seven in-depth modules that are invaluable to EVERY liaison, brand-new and seasoned alike. Our next public Make it Matter Physician Liaison workshop is coming up in less than 3 weeks in St. Louis, October 8th-10th.  There’s still time to register! *Note – the price increases October 1st and groups of three or more from the [...]

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