The Journey of a New Liaison

Do you remember the excitement and energy of being a new liaison? I certainly do – best job ever!

In this week’s (part 1 of 2) Friday from the Field, you will meet Brittany Lawson – one of our newest liaisons.  Brittany is the Pediatric Liaison for Presbyterian Hospital, Albuquerque, New Mexico.

She has taken the critical first steps in becoming a superstar liaison – TRAINING (fondly referred to as the boot-camp). After she completed the onsite bootcamp, the last training step was taking a road-trip to shadow another super-star Tiller-Hewitt trained liaison team at Dayton Children’s.

While there, she participated in a new physician hospital tour, gathered sample referral collaterals/tools, shadowed liaisons in the field calling on targeted providers and overall saw how pediatric physician liaisons have fun while working super hard. Check this out!

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