How Video Can Make the New Normal, the New BETTER

The COVID-19 crisis experience has offered lessons for everyone to take forward into what some are calling the “new normal.” But, I think you would agree that staying relevant in these ever-changing times means we must constantly get better and better.

So, we’re starting a series called The New Better.

In our New Better Series, we will bring you tips, advice and examples of how physician liaisons are taking their performance to the next level.

We’re starting with effectively using video and virtual media to continue building your relationship as a trusted advisor with physicians and their staffs.


  • Video is the next best thing to facetime in the field
  • Video extends your reach
  • Plus, video has pass along value for the entire team and serves as a resource for future reference


We will provide a series of quick tutorials and a free webinar.

  • Video Visit or Call – Short and focused; great method when new information needs to be shared immediately or to stay top of mind with a weekly update
  • Virtual Office Manager Meeting – Live, interactive meetings to facilitate communication and camaraderie
  • Bring it all Together Webinar – Live and/or recorded for a deeper dive on New Better tools, techniques and processes

We start this week with how to use video to make your virtual physician outreach “calls” brief – but brilliant.  Take a listen!

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