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Our consulting services are embodied within our Tiller-Hewitt Pillars: Systems, Data and People.

Consulting Services

Because of these foundational principles, we have a deep understanding of the complex relationships between hospital CEOs and Physicians.

Working in partnership with CEOs, the Tiller-Hewitt Physician Liaison | Strategic Sales Program creates results.  Results on average include over $2 million of incremental revenue and  $1 milion return on investment. Consequently, these are based on per hospital and occurred during the first year of the program. 

Services include:

  • Physician Liaison | Strategic Sales Program brings focus to targeted referral sources, including employed provider groups, within the primary service area that may or may not currently refer to the organization.
  • Strategic Sales Program Assessment
  • Physician OnboardPLUS extends far beyond orientation to achieve long-term retention and a competitive recruiting advantage. Effective onboarding produces a return on investment of over $1 million per physician per year. Faster productivity, reduced vacancy rates, higher retention and lower replacement costs are among these returns.
  • TrackerPLUSthe easy cloud-based Physician Relationship Manager (PRM) is used to accurately log meetings, maximize opportunities, as well as escalate and resolve issues.  It also allows our successful liaisons to generate insightful management reports. Experienced liaisons designed trackerPLUS+ with provider relationships built into the system. Every form, drop-down, screen and function allows you to update and view activity, as well as,  report results.

Finally, all of Tiller-Hewitt’s  consulting services are proven to move market share and increase top line revenue while enhancing physician relations and retention for organizations of all sizes.

To learn more about how our revenue enrichment services will benefit your organization, contact usf or a no cost consultative review  and customized return on investment pro forma.


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