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How Our Successful Physician Liaison | Strategic Sales Program Works!

Bring focus to targeted referral sources with our customized Physician Liaison | Strategic Sales Program.
The success of any hospital can be measured in the quality of the relationships it has with physicians. Physicians directly affect every aspect of hospital performance from quality measures, patient satisfaction to financial performance. Yet, they are often left out of crucial conversations because we don’t want to disturb them and don’t know how to bring them value in every interaction.

Tiller-Hewitt’s Physician Liaison | Strategic Sales Program systematically bridges the gap between the physician and the hospital, building solid trusting relationships that provide long term strategic growth. Working together in a structured, data-driven, highly accountable program eliminates unnecessary expenses, increases patient satisfaction, increases reimbursements and improves the overall quality of care.

Physicians in your community, including employed provider groups, may or may not currently refer to your organization. This program is proven to move market share and increase top line revenue while enhancing physician loyalty, productivity and long-term retention.

Your health system and aligned specialists may be missing out on incremental referral opportunities from physicians in communities that are actually closer to you, but sending patients elsewhere. Addressing these often-neglected outreach efforts can produce results quickly through new referrals to specialists, including hospitalists. Effective implementation ensures the incremental volume is ultimately captured (vs. going to the competitor) and managed for continued growth.

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