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Ramp Up to Engagement and Productivity

Tiller-Hewitt onboardPLUS+ provides a systematic approach to creating and implementing a strategic long-term retention program specifically designed for physicians, nurse practitioners and physician assistants. This comprehensive program incorporates not only the needs of the physicians and advanced practice providers, but is also acutely aware of the needs of their families.

Results We Have Achieved

  • Cut credentialing time by two-thirds
  • Accelerated ramp-up to full productivity by nine months
  • Lowered turnover by 75%

Based on industry data for net revenue generated per physician on behalf of their affiliated hospitals, the contribution at full productivity equals $1.5 million annually. While results can vary by organization, onboardPLUS+ can produce a return on investment exceeding $1 million per physician per year through faster productivity combined with reduced vacancy rates and lower replacement costs.

Your program will be sustainable because, during our short-term engagement, we teach your team what it takes to make onboarding successful over the long term.

Tiller-Hewitt’s onboardPLUS+  delivers ten critical success factors that support improved recruitment, faster practice ramp-up and higher retention.

  1. Accelerate practice ramp-up to <90 days
  2. Establish effective communication channels
  3. Customize scalable program resources
  4. Gain feedback from physicians
  5. Form accountable teams
  6. Build actionable checklists
  7. Eliminate duplication
  8. Implement physician mentorship
  9. Report progress and remove barriers
  10. Benchmark national best practices

See this HealthLeaders Media article and case studies detailing the measurable improvements and astounding results achieved at Dayton Children’s and Christus St. Michael Health System.

Contact us to discuss how Tiller-Hewitt onboardPLUS+ can generate return on investment for your organization.


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