Physician Relationship Manager (PRM)

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PRM Solution with Real-Time Referral Data

Your credibility – and the growth of your organization – are based on building relationships and delivering on promises. To do that, you and your leadership require transparent communication, tracking and reporting plus real-time data.

Yet, we hear – loud and clear – that you are frustrated with typical CRMs. They are not designed to accommodate the complexity of your medical staff. They don’t provide the real-time data and ease of tracking that you need. TrackPlus can help, download our one page infomation sheet.

Save Time

Tiller-Hewitt’s trackerPLUS+ solves the tracking, communication and reporting challenges that burn precious hours of your time every week.

It’s the same, easy cloud-based Physician Relationship Manager (PRM) that our successful liaisons use to efficiently log encounters, maximize opportunities, escalate and resolve issues, and generate insightful management reports.
Experienced liaisons designed trackerPLUS+ with provider relationships built into the system. Every form, drop-down, screen and function enables you to efficiently update, view activity and report results.

Prove Value

Unique to your job, and specific to your organization, this is the most efficient and intuitive design available for saving time, delivering results and proving the value of your outreach program. Check out what Liaisons are saying about trackerPLUS+!

Encounters and Opportunities

  • Quick Encounter Logs
  • Easily set up and see relationships
  • Create and track progress on initiatives

Issue Resolution Status

  • Quick Issue Logs
  • Easily see steps taken toward issue resolution
  • Issue status updates and escalation
  • Inform and assign to hospital leaders when necessary

Action Alerts and Reports

  • Manage your action items and monitor open items you’ve assigned to others
  • Easily customize for quick, real-time reporting
  • Create to-do lists, scorecards and executive summaries

Client-Centric Support

  • Guaranteed, stress-free implementation – we customize and configure everything for you
  • 24/7 support team staffed by people like you with years of healthcare experience

Here’s What Liaisons and Leaders Say about trackerPLUS+

Contact us if you would like to directly speak with them about their experience!

By far the most user-friendly system I have seen in over 10 years as a physician liaison and working with liaisons across the country. The customization and customer support are second to none!” Physician Relations Manager, Regional Medical Center

This is better than any software we have used as part of the physician relations program.  The support team customized our platform to maximize PRM capabilities. We can extract and provide leadership with real-time market intelligence.” Director of Professional Outreach – 850-bed Urban Hospital

The drop down menus streamline entering new data and running reports, making follow-up on encounters, face-to-face meetings and issue resolution much faster and easier.” Physician Liaison – Community Hospital and Health Center

As the manager of a large system with multiple users, we can now track, trend and monitor our efforts by hospital and system-wide!” Vice President, Business Development – Regional Integrated Health System

“Liaisons always need more time in the field to actively listen, offer solutions and build relationships. Meanwhile, TrackerPLUS+ makes it easier to keep everyone on the same page, initiatives moving forward and issues getting resolved.”  Regional Sales Manager, Five-Hospital System

TrackerPLUS+ “thinks” like a Liaison!


  • Introducing TrackerPLUS+
    Designed by Liaisons, Valued by Leaders

    Because your success depends on building relationships and delivering on promises

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