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Physician Liaison Survey: Capture the Pulse of Our Profession

Dive into the Value and Compensation Benchmark Survey! The report captures the pulse of our profession, with data, insights and best practices on eight topics - 40 questions in all. In addition to the survey results, we included the expertise of physician liaisons who have launched hundreds of programs across the country. It's part of our commitment to helping you make the intentional choices that prove your value and empower you to reach your fullest potential. Check out our video for a preview of the findings - including the “big disconnect” [...]

Physician Liaison Compensation and Value Benchmark Survey

Check Out the Highlights Video and Order Your Survey on the Form Below! Value and Compensation Benchmark Survey Delivers Insights for Proving Value in Your Role Physician Liaison • Professional Outreach • Business Development Our benchmark survey captures the pulse of our profession, highlights significant challenges and opportunities, based on responses from 163 participants through  May 2017. The survey reflects a disparity in how well-resourced and strategically aligned our respondents are. Around 60% reported they have access – at some level – to the resources to succeed. But there are significant [...]


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