Liaisons Top 10 Challenges

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On this pre-recorded webinar we discussed fresh ideas to tackle some of the toughest challenges physician liaisons face today. This roundtable panel-discussion webinar provided insights and usable solutions to important challenges submitted by both members of AAPL, and collected from Tiller-Hewitt’s managers who are out riding with liaisons every day.

A sneak peek at a few questions and challenges include:

  • Getting time with physicians – everyone is so busy
  • Office (referral) staff doesn’t want to change their routine
  • Too much paperwork
  • How do I know I am making a difference in the field?
  • What tactics does a Practice Administrator value the most from their Liaison?
  • I run out of things to talk about in the offices
  • What advice do you have for keeping your position during a merger?
  • Working in a competitor’s market


Webinar: Liaisons Top 10 Challenges

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