Year End Checklist

Keeping Yourself & Your Physician Liaison Program Effective – YEAR-IN-REVIEW

By:  Tammy Tiller-Hewitt FACHE

Before getting caught up in the holiday festivities, take time to conduct an effectiveness check-up of yourself and your Program.

Here’s a quick 10-point checklist:

1. Update your physician/provider target list to be in line with your organization’s strategic initiatives.

2. Evaluate the current metric system (aka referral data).  Ideally you need timely (monthly) and relevant (strategic service lines) referral data to monitor and quickly identify and respond to shifts in referrals.

3. Set up monthly debriefing meetings with your senior leader and or leadership team.

4. Get directors, from all strategic service lines, on your schedule to “routinely” get them away from their safety zones and into the field (riding with you and your team) to meet “face-to-face” with their key referral sources.

5. Get top executives, preferably members of the C-suite, on your schedule to meet with key physicians and physician groups to share the vision “face-to-face” with these partners.

6. Set up routine monthly meetings with your physician enterprise teams: i.e. the practice management and hospitalist teams.

7. Evaluate effectiveness of the onboarding team and process.  Interview a few providers hired in the past year. Are their expectations meeting their reality?

8. Training – Training – Training!  Ongoing training and education is a priority to stay sharp and ahead of the competition.

9. Draft your annual Year-in-Review document to list annual activities, accomplishments, and metrics (growth).  This provides your baseline “to beat” for the upcoming year.  Its also a great document to have at performance evaluation time.  If we can’t remember AND recite our accomplishments – how can we expect others to remember.

10. Check in on your professional satisfaction scale.  Do you still love what you’re doing?  If not, take some time to assess why and create a plan.  Success starts with loving what you do!

A 10-Point Checklist for Keeping Your PHR Program Effective

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