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Bridging the Gap Between Physicians and Hospitals


Andy Shanks Director of Professional Outreach Northwest Healthcare - Tucson When business development was added to his previous role as patient navigator, Andy Shanks found his calling. Opportunity knocked, and the decision to become a physician liaison was not only exciting but an easy one to make. His passion for bridging gaps and his ability to build relationships has made him an Up-and-Coming physician liaison: Up-and-Comers: New to the profession, the physician liaison has already demonstrated standout skills and received excellent reviews from CEOs, service line directors and physicians. Working with providers and their office staff, the liaison is always prepared to deliver value, problem-solve and communicate effectively. They utilize feedback to continuously improve. What part of your job as a liaison do you love the most? Breaking down the barriers and celebrating the wins with my team – and that includes the Directors of Professional Outreach and CEOs. When we celebrate as a team, the momentum and drive is so powerful. But we also dissect our defeats: why was it a loss, what can we do better? What is the [...]

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