Shake it off!


Most of us have faced fakers, haters, players and heartbreakers. Some days we face all four – but that’s just life!  Unfortunately, it doesn’t always come easy to just ‘SHAKE IT OFF” and press forward. I promise that facing all types can actually make us better!  So, be encouraged, shake it off and just step it up!  When our focus remains on: then OUR role of Physician Liaison will always remain MISSION CRITICAL to our organization… in spite of the fakers, haters, players and heartbreakers! Shake - Shake - Shake, Tammy Tiller-Hewitt P. S. Fill out the form below for instant access to our 9 Tips to Make it 99% Easier to Get Past the Gatekeeper - webinar and tip sheet.

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Three Little Words


As Valentine's day approaches, we thought it was a great time to talk about those three little words (that mean I Love You) liaisons long to hear...  COME ON BACK! As liaisons, we know that facing the gatekeeper has it's own set of challenges before seeing the providers and referrals staff.  Seasoned liaison, Beverley Fox-Bray shares a few of her ideas and tips in this week's Friday From the Field, to help us all hear those precious words from the gatekeepers.  

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Being in the Field in the Competitor’s Backyard


In this week’s Friday From the Field video, Jamie Utt shares with you a couple of  “Keeping it Real” stories from her years as a liaison.  She candidly details the challenges of being a new liaison and venturing outside the invisible borders of your hospital’s friendly zone….into the competing hospital’s backyard! For more resources on being successful in this highly competitive environment, take a look at a couple of our past webinars, Staying Relevant: Steer Your Ship in a Sea of Competitive Rough Water and Getting Past the Gatekeeper: 9 Tips to Make it 99% Easier. We have worked with hundreds of organizations across the nation to help build and support successful Physician-Hospital Relations Programs, aka Tiller-Hewitt Trained Liaisons.  Whether you are thinking of starting a brand new outreach program or want to push your existing program to the next level, we are here to help. Share your story with others.  Check out all the details here: #PhysicianLiaisonInsider

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