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Soar Like an Eagle


Let me ask you – what have you done for your “professional” self lately? Success always has a quick answer and it involves consist learning. Given change happens at the speed of light, if we don’t stay relevant, opportunities will pass us by – Every. Single. Day! In this week’s video, Tammy Tiller-Hewitt is talking with Stephanie at the 2019 national AAPL conference. She shares her efforts to become an unofficial leader, pushing forward, even when her organization wasn’t supportive. We want to encourage you to take the next step in your career development and attend our 3-day training workshop built specifically for liaisons. Tammy Tiller-Hewitt will personally take you through seven interactive modules to ensure that you have the tips, tools and techniques guaranteed to elevate your position within the organization while building stronger relationships with your providers. Early bird pricing expires soon – register now!

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Part II – What To Do WHEN You Get That Coveted Senior Leadership Invitation


Last week one of our Regional Managers, Kim Grant promised an update on the liaison team at Dayton Children’s after they were invited to present their success story to the senior leadership team.  The meeting went exceptionally well.  Watch this week’s video (below) as Kim discusses three key strategies to their success as well as a few wins that couldn’t go unnoticed.  All areas that may also speak to you and your program! She’ll reference this same-day executive feedback following the presentation! Whether you are starting a brand-new program, refreshing an existing program or working on the onboarding /retention function at your organization – we can help! We would love to discuss and uncover the needs of your organization to ensure you and your program are positioned to get the attention of leadership - year over year. Give us a call today! 866-651-8701

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We’ve Got You Covered


We hope you’re planning your trip to our 3-day liaison training workshop coming up soon in October. We have heard that some of you WANT…NEED…ARE DESPERATE to attend, but are looking for a way to convey the benefits to your boss for approval. We’ve got you covered! Our team has put together a letter/email template for your CEO or boss that provides information about the expertise of the Tiller-Hewitt team and the seven modules that will be covered during the workshop. There is a place to include a specific challenge you hope to overcome (that may resonate with them) and the value of networking with other physician liaisons. Last you can include all the expenses in a cost estimator. This allows all the information you need for approval all on one page. In this week’s video, Jamie Utt, former physician liaison, talks about attending the training and how it helped kick start her role and how you can download the letter template to get you one step closer to St. Louis. Hope to see you soon!  

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Did we see you in Salt Lake City?


Wow - what a great conference this year in Salt Lake City hosted by the American Association of Physician Liaisons (AAPL)! Many of our Tiller-Hewitt superstar liaisons were on the podium sharing success stories around going from liaison to leader, the marriage between marketing and outreach, and 10 questions new liaisons should ask. I was so proud to hear each of them share their success! This week's Friday From the Field video talks about the question I - and our liaisons - get asked over and over again each year at the conference. Tiller-Hewitt has been in the business of building physician liaison programs for 18 years. We offer services, training and tools that have built successful liaison programs for hundreds of hospitals, health systems and physician organizations across the country. One of those is our 3-day live, interactive Liaison Training Workshop coming up October 8th-12th in St. Louis. I'll personally take you through seven modules that will set you up for long-term success. Give me a call, I'd love to discuss the AAPL conference, our 3-day workshop or other ways that we can help you grow your [...]

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Scrubbed Up and Ready to Grow!


When is the last time you “scrubbed up” - I mean wearing scrubs in your role as a superstar Physician Liaison? In this week’s Friday from the Field, superstar Beverley Fox-Bray puts herself back in training, shadowing in the operating room so she stays on-her-game when promoting their new surgical robot. As successful liaisons, we never “fake it ‘til we make it”. We spend countless hours mastering the details of our organizations and the services offered. Additionally, we should spend time educating and updating ourselves on our competitors too, in order to consistently identify competitive advantages, or in some cases, create talking points around why we don’t have the latest and greatest technology.

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Your Questions Answered


Last week we asked you to submit any and every question that you had about our 3-day liaison training workshop.  We received several questions such as: "I'm concerned that the training will focus on the liaison role within health systems or hospitals. How can I show my leadership that this would benefit our relatively small 3 site ophthalmology practice? " "Our team has experienced and beginner liaisons on it, what level of experience is this course targeting? Thank you." "It is becoming more difficult to get face time with physicians. As a new liaison in a specialty hospital that didn't have a liaison program how can you get into physician offices? " "I’ve never been to the St. Louis area.  I’d like to know what’s happening there during April." Surprisingly enough, we can categorize most questions into two main groups. 1 - Is this training for everyone…seasoned and new liaisons? and  2 - Does this apply to any size organization?  Tammy Tiller-Hewitt responds quickly in this week's video - check it out below. Don't forget that early bird pricing expires on March 6th.  

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Did we miss you at the AAPL conference?


The Tiller-Hewitt team just returned from a fantastic conference hosted by the American Association of Physician Liaisons at the Gaylord National Resort in Maryland.  As we interacted with hundreds of liaisons from around the country (and hopefully YOU), it remained clear that our roles as liaisons are vital for success and continued growth of the practices, hospitals and healthcare organizations we represent. With that said, it never ceases to amaze us how many liaisons we encounter that have not been given the tools necessary to succeed, often simply because their organizations aren't aware of what it takes to make a program successful.  As you know, simply having a liaison calling on providers is not enough in today's competitive markets, we must do much more! In this week’s Friday From the Video (below), our COO Tommy Tiller shares three principles that every best practice outreach program should be built around.  Systems, Data and People. Successful physician outreach programs -  that’s our core business.  We specialize in launching new outreach programs as well as assessing existing programs.  Having served hundreds of practices, hospitals and health systems [...]

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Superstar Liaisons Share Their Take-Aways From Our Liaison Sales Training Workshop


Tammy Tiller-Hewitt shares a short video with a few superstar liaisons - from beginners to seasoned liaisons, each sharing one key take-away from the Liaison Sales Training Workshop that they can implement IMMEDIATELY. The overarching message is that it’s so stinking easy to get away from the fundamental skills. Funny, it’s always these basic steps that, when done correctly, will separate us from the sea of competition we face daily! So why are they always the first to go? We hope this helps reinforce the need for “all of us” to commit to staying sharp through continuing education to ensure we always remain on the top of our game! We would love to hear your thoughts on how you stay sharp year over year.  

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A training workshop focused on YOU!


In this week’s Friday From the Field video, Tammy Tiller-Hewitt gives you a quick overview of our Make-it-Matter Liaison Training Program.   She is headed to Florida this week for an on-site session with multiple liaisons but we also have a public session coming up and we don’t want you to miss it!  We are so excited about the opportunity to bring liaisons and outreach professionals from across the country together again in St. Louis on May 3-4, 2018. During our two day workshop, we cover six modules that were designed specifically for YOUR profession: Creating YOUR personal brand Using YOUR referral data Measuring YOUR efforts in the field Proving YOUR value to leadership This is not just another conference. This workshop is laser focused on what YOU need to know as a liaison.  Don’t miss it!  Standard pricing expires April 20, 2018.    

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