How to Win Fans and Influence Physicians


David Womack, CEO of Practice Management Institute, gives us expert insight on planning successful value added events for physician practices. Providing education for the physician’s office staff is an excellent way of providing a value-added service while allowing you to begin or enhance a relationship. David Womack, CEO Practice Management Institute When I talk to anyone outside of healthcare and tell them how difficult it is to run a physician practice, the response is always the same.  “Wow, I didn’t realize that.”  Few people have an appreciation for how third-party reimbursement works, and many have no idea all the rules and regulations affecting healthcare for patient safety and confidentiality. Physician liaisons truly have an appreciation for the complexities of running a medical practice.  You see it firsthand. Providing education for physician’s office staff is a real win-win. Let’s set the stage.  First, it’s an event.  My most successful host partners have always treated an educational offering as an event.  From coffee and rolls to lunch if needed, the office staff always consider coming to the “event” as special.  From the liaison [...]

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Riding the Road to Success: Superstar Liaison Rob Lyons


Rob Lyons, Director of Professional Outreach Lutheran Hospital Rob Lyons thrives on physician interaction and sees his work as a liaison as the ideal opportunity to bring years of experience in a variety of healthcare settings to the challenge of helping the hospital grow. His success in removing barriers to growth is what makes him a Superstar in his role as Director of Professional Outreach for Lutheran Hospital: Having a solid foundation in the industry, SuperStars demonstrate standout skills and receive excellent reviews from CEOs, service line directors and physicians. Working with providers and their office staff, they are always prepared to deliver value, problem-solve and communicate effectively. They utilize feedback to continuously improve. Superstars also demonstrate leadership skills in both formal and informal roles. They help to train new liaisons and are catalysts for significant change. Long after our consulting engagements end, they continue to build and add value to the program. Why did you become a liaison? Initially I became a liaison because I thought the job would be rewarding, challenging and fulfilling. I truly had a passion for physician [...]

Riding the Road to Success: Superstar Liaison Rob Lyons 2016-06-20T13:45:40+00:00


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