Is your Physician Liaison program missing something? Survey says…

…it’s very likely!

Two of the major (and concerning) findings in our Physician Liaison Value and Compensation Benchmark Survey indicate that there is big gap in the structure and accountability of many physician liaison programs:

43% have no call volume requirement
45% have no way to officially measure success
If an outreach program lacks these vital components, it means that at least one of the three pillars of a strong program is on shaky ground.

This week’s Friday from the Field video highlights the importance of having all three – Systems, Data and People – be equally strong and precisely aligned in order to build hospital and physician relationships that work.

Which of your three pillars needs more support: Structure and strategic alignment? Timely and relevant data? Laser-focused, consultative sales training? The good news is that once you understand where support is needed, it can be addressed quickly and effectively.

Learn more about the pillars of a successful Physician-Hospital Relations program and order a copy of our benchmark survey using the form below.

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